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Intermediate – Beginner players

Students at this level should start competing inAi??JR Alta leagues,Ai??level 5 tournamentsAi??in order to gain some match experience. Hopefully they can immediately start enjoying competition by playing a minimum of 20 matches per year. They should also start playing an unlimited amount of practice matches.

Intermediate players

Once the student wins some local level 5 tournaments, they can already begin competition at the localAi??State level 4 championships. These types of tournaments are usually more competitive and will bring a bigger challenge to the player. There are plenty of these type of tournaments near by were players can gain lots of experience. They should consider playing a maximum of 40 matches per year or 10-12 tournaments with an unlimited amount of practice matches.

Advanced players

Once the student has shown solid results at the level 4 tournaments, they can start competing inAi??level 2 or 1 State championshipsAi??as well asAi??Southern level 3 tournaments. Once you start playing these types of tournaments, you must sign up for them at least a month before they start or you will miss the deadline. Now they should increase the amount of matches played per year to 60 or 14-16 tournaments with an unlimited amount of practice matches.

Elite players

Students at this level are very experienced in tournament competition and are shooting for big results at theAi??Southern level 2 or 1Ai??andAi??National OpenAi??and hopefully be able to get intoAi??Super National championships. This will all depend on how well they are ranked at the southern or national level. They will probably be playing about 80 to 90 matches per year with unlimited practice matches.

Please consult any of the coaches to find out what level of competition your child is suited for. The goal is for them to include tournaments into their tennis routine in order to eventually perform better under the pressure of competition. You can go toAi??www.southerntennis.comAi??to find the tournaments for your level.

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