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Our goal is to make sure that every student learns the fundamentals of technique and footwork in order to give them a solid foundation that will last a lifetime.  We believe strongly in giving new students the best coaching possible, by having experienced coaches who will assure them of the proper foundation.

Challenger Developmental Level

Challenger Developmental Level The SDTA Challenger level programs focuses on fine tuning the fundamentals of technique and develop the game style that will be best suite the student. Primarily set up for students that are competing in Jr. Alta, but are interested in starting tournament competition or looking to make their high school team. Since the group consists of many different levels and ages, we focus on working in both singles and doubles.
The purpose is to work on specifically what the student needs in order to achieve their goals, whether is to improve their singles skills or learn doubles in order to make their high school team.

High Performance Championship Level

High Performance Championship Level The SDTA Championship Tournament program is for the player that is currently very active in tournament competition at the championship and southern level. Most students in this level are well ranked in the 12's, 14's & 16's under divisions. Championship Tournament level athletes are required to work very hard in all aspects of the game in order to improve performance in tournament competition.

High School Elite Level

High School Elite Level The SDTA H.S. Elite program is for the more advance player that is mainly focusing on high school tennis. The majority of these players will put emphasis on high school tennis over high level tournament competition. Our goal is to help the student improve their singles and doubles skills in order for them to be successful at the high school level.
The group consists of players that possess the necessary skills to compete at a higher level of singles and doubles. It is mainly for high school players ages 14-17.

High Performance Premier Level

High Performance Premier Level SDTA Premier National Level program is for the highly experienced and exceptionally skilled player. This very selective group consists of players ages 14-18 that are very dedicated to tennis and see tennis as their #1 sport. They are highly ranked and compete at the state, southern and national level in order to eventually receive a college tennis scholarship.
The program focuses on high intensity training in all aspects of the game in order to reach the highest level of junior tennis competition.